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Racehorse Anatomy

Import Racing only selects the very best when it comes to

thoroughbreds. There are many different factors that are

taken into account when selecting a horse and although

there is no exact science to selecting a winner, we believe

our selection process gives you an added advantage above

the rest.

Our Director and founder David Mourad has had years of

experience in the industry and has inspected countless

numbers of thoroughbreds. His natural talent for selecting

a horse is clearly evident when looking at the impressive

line-up of top class gallopers he has selected.


David has selected (or had a hand in selecting) Group 1

winners Secret Agenda Seabrook, Group 2 winners 

Sedanzer & Lightsaber (stallion now standing at stud), 

Group 3 winners GunstockShe's So High & Kaizad

Listed winner Unite And Conquer (stallion now standing at stud), amongst multiple other metropolitan winners including King Darci, Bak Da Man, Pinvincible, So United, Encostanati, Zero Doubt, Berlutti, Son Of A Snitz, Jane's Angel, Redeel etc.


First we look at a horse’s pedigree. A good pedigree doesn’t always guarantee that a horse can or will perform well but it’s generally a good indication of what the horse may be capable of.


Certain stallions and crosses have proven to be more successful than others and horses with good breeding will be higher on our target list.


Second, it is imperative the horse is sound and well conformed. Import Racing aims to have long and successful careers with all our horses and our thorough inspections ensure that they are all of the highest quality. This will enable us to have longevity with our horses and in return our clients will get a better return on their investment.


Third, each horse must pass vigorous examinations from our vets including the viewing of X-Ray films and also undergoing a clinical examination. You can rest at ease knowing that we only pass horses with a low risk rating. A low risk rating given to a horse drastically reduces the chances of it breaking down and once again enables us to have a longer racing career.


And last but not least, we take all of these factors into consideration when determining a value for each horse. Import Racing will determine a price that we feel each horse is valued at according to the level of our strict criteria requirements it has passed. That price is also one we feel will be marketable to the general public.


As you can see, there are no shortcuts when it comes to buying the best and although there is no exact science to picking a champion, Import Racing’s selection process is your best chance.


Remember, our horses all have great pedigree, are sound and well conformed, and have passed all vet checks. You can rest at ease knowing no stones were left unturned when selecting your horse.

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