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David Mourad

David Mourad’s passion for racing over the years has gone to new heights he never imagined he would reach.  His humble beginnings into the industry began as an average racegoer who quickly developed a passion for the sport. His interest for racing grew and grew like a seed planted in good soil and before he knew it he had caught the racing bug.


In the next few years to follow, David bought his very first share in a race horse

and there was no turning back. He was hooked into this “Sport of Kings” and his

desire to be a part of the industry kept growing inside of him.


David’s hunger and determination saw him take the next step as he became the

Racing Manager for Blueblood Thoroughbreds.


His role as Racing Manager for Blueblood Thoroughbreds only increased his

love for the industry and the vision for Import Racing started to brew inside

of him.


That vision became clearer and clearer while his motivation grew stronger and

stronger and before long, that vision came into fruition as he realised the

demand for a syndication company that caters to the staying breed.


David’s focus and drive over the years has seen him soak in knowledge like a

sponge. He has learnt from many of the very best in the industry including

some of Australia’s top trainers in Chris Waller, Mick Price and Tim Martin,

and no doubt he has learned a great deal from IR’s first class bloodstock agent

Tony Williams.


It is that very knowledge that David has now implemented into Import Racing that gives him the confidence to succeed.

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