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The up and coming SPRING BREAK continues the good form with a tight win as he continues the move through the grades nicely.

The Tavistock gelding is a consistent type finishing inside the money in 6 of 10 starts with Dean Yendall (7:3-1-1) striking up a good partnership.

An excellent job by the Mick Price & Michael Kent Jr team and exciting times for the ownership group.

Congratulations to all involved Owners – Import Racing, Mr R J Nolan, Mr R A Bishop, Mr D Wilden-Constantin, Mr D Madden, Mr D J Hughes, Mr J E Smith, Mr RL Spice, Mr T Eva, Mr P J Crofskey, Mrs H J Crofskey, Mrs P A Mcintyre, Mr N W Crisp, Mr G J Coppock, Mr R Hillier, Mr J P May, Mr N Dodge, Mr M Lollback, Miss L G Mourad


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