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Dalgarno too strong at Wyong

Nathan Doyle has DALGARNO flying this prep, adding a third win from 6 starts today at Wyong.

It was fantastic effort from the Dalghar gelding sitting in the back half of the field, swinging the widest and unleashing down the centre of the track for a tight win.

Lee Magorrian superb in the saddle.

Congratulations to all involved Owners - Import Racing, Mr J I Karaca, Mr D Wilden-Constantin, Mr S A Lewis, Ms K L Brown, Mr H Toa, Mrs V Madden, Ms D E Hams, Mr D J Hughes, Mr J W Elasi, Mrs N T P Lennox, Mr P A Wild, Mr G Brewster, Mr C Hams, Mr D I Hollyman, Mr D McCarthy, Mr J Armstrong


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